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BOUND EDGE 8/09 DRIVER S DAILY LOG / / (24 HOURS) RECAP Complete at end of workday. Name of Carrier or Carriers Total Miles Driving Today Total Mileage Today Original File at home terminal Duplicate
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How to fill out driver daily log sheet

To fill out a driver daily log sheet, start by recording the date at the top of the sheet.
Next, enter your name or the driver's name, along with any identification number or code assigned to the driver.
Indicate the starting and ending times of your shift, including any breaks or rest periods taken during the day.
Record the total number of hours worked during the shift, ensuring compliance with legal regulations on maximum driving hours.
Note any deviations from the standard route or assigned tasks, such as detours or additional stops made.
Document the starting and ending odometer readings of the vehicle or any other relevant mileage information.
Make a detailed record of the activities performed during the shift, including pick-ups, deliveries, or any relevant incidents or issues encountered.
If required, document the amounts of fuel purchased or added during the shift, along with the odometer reading at the time of refueling.
Finally, sign and date the log sheet to certify its accuracy and completeness, ensuring adherence to company policies and legal requirements.

Who needs a driver daily log sheet?

Truck drivers or commercial drivers are typically required to fill out a daily log sheet as part of their regular duties.
Companies or organizations that employ drivers may also require them to maintain accurate daily log sheets for various reasons, such as monitoring driver performance or compliance with regulatory requirements.
Additionally, regulatory authorities may require drivers to keep and submit daily log sheets for compliance purposes, such as confirming adherence to driving hour limits and ensuring road safety.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing driver daily log sheet pdf

Instructions and Help about truck driver daily log sheet pdf download form

You today we're going to teach you how to fill it a driver's daily log this little drivers daily log looks like keep in mind you have to have your previous 14 days on hand filled out and first thing we're going to do is go to today's date go to a blank page we're going to put our Carbon Copy in behind this white page so that it makes a duplicate copy which is a carbon copy and first thing we have to do is our driver's vehicle inspection report that's on the bottom half of this page this is actually two different documents here the driver's vehicle in Stockton Airport is the bottom half and the driver's daily log is the top half now that my PRE trip inspection has been performed physically on my truck I have to document it in the top left corner of the driver's vehicle inspection report, so I'll check off pre-VIP those shows has been completed and the next thing I have to fill out is the company name and address, so the company name Ram can project LP one dash two zero seven five one hundred an of Langley BC V 1 m3 g4 the next item to fill out on the driver's vehicle inspection report is the tile of inspection in this example inspection was performed at 6 a.m. so under time of inspection I write 6, and I Circle a.m. odometer reading 100,000 kilometers it's what my odometer is at location of inspection is Kelowna BC the date as January 1st 2001 the next item I must fill out is my tractor slash truck license number my truck license number is HL eight eight eight eight jurisdiction that means the province my vehicle is insured in this example my vehicle is insured in British Columbia, so I write BC and the next thing I have to note is whether I found defects and there are no defects noted in this example, so I'll check off no defects found inspector slash driver's name print that is where I'll print my name Jim Smith and inspector drivers signature off to sign my name as well now my driver's vehicle inspection report has been completed and documented it's time to fill out my driver's daily log that's on the top half of this page so the first item I need to fill out is the date that's the first day of the first month of 2001 the next item I must check off is cycle one that I'm operating on so right here it says 70 hours slash seven day I must put a checkmark in there and home terminal name and address it's the same as it was on my PRE trip company name Ram can project LP one dash two zero seven five one hundred an Avenue Langley BC v1 m3g four the next item that I must fill out is the principal place of business name and address I'm working in Kelowna BC that is my current principal place of business I'm staying at the Days Inn so if we're a principal place of business name and address I put gays in one two three Smith Street Kelowna BC v 1 G 3 H 5 the next thing I have to do is write my name where it says driver's name Jim Smith and drivers full signature I don't sign this document yet because it's not complete once my 24-hour period has been filled...

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What is truck driver log book form?

Log Books. A truck driver keeps a paper record, known as a log book. It details duty hours, driving hours, and time spent in a sleeper berth. Effective December 18, 2017, the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule became mandatory for most commercial vehicle drivers.

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires commercial motor vehicle drivers to maintain and submit a daily log sheet. This applies to any driver operating a commercial motor vehicle that requires a commercial driver's license.
The deadline to file driver daily log sheets in 2023 is December 31, 2023.
The penalty for the late filing of a driver daily log sheet will vary depending on the jurisdiction and the severity of the infraction. Generally, penalties can include fines, demerit points, the suspension or cancellation of a driver's license, and even jail time in more serious cases.
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